VoiceThread is a "multimedia discussion board" tool that enables instructors and students to interact with course content and each other in a dynamic engaging way by connecting audio/video comments and other media files to the online conversation. VoiceThread is seamlessly integrated with Brightspace, for single click access to VoiceThread.  Instructors can grade VoiceThread assignments within VoiceThread and grades are automatically transferred to Brightspace grade book.

Logging into VoiceThread

Clicking on any VT link set up within a Brightspace course will automatically generate your account.

There are two main ways to access UAlbany's VoiceThread:

  1. Directly from Brightspace Course

    1. Instructors must first create a VoiceThread (VT) link from within a Course Content area in their Course.

    2. The first time a Faculty/Student clicks on a VT link, their license is automatically be generated. 

  2. You can also access by signing into https://albany.voicethread.com with your UAlbany credentials.