OLD 2023-25 Faculty-Staff Computer Upgrade Project

ITS is working with campus departments to assure computers meet University equipment standards by 2025.

Windows 10 will be end of life in October 2025 when Microsoft will stop providing security updates Nearly half of all university-owned workstations, including those in research labs, classrooms, and conference rooms, will need to be replaced to be in compliance with the Policy for University-Owned Computers.

What will need to be replaced: Workstations that cannot accommodate Windows 11

All workstations not able to run Windows 11—typically those  6+ years old will need to be replaced.  ITS will replace machines that cannot meet University equipment standards.

  • One machine per person will be replaced with the Standard Computer Configuration for Faculty and Staff.

  • ITS will provide a new laptop to those who have a desktop and laptop assigned to them. Departments are responsible for funding additional equipment.

  • ITS removes all replaced computers for secure disposal.