Brightspace Instructor FAQ

When can I access my Brightspace courses?

A Brightspace course is created automatically for ALL sections of the Schedule of Classes and/or that have an enrolled roster for each semester.  Learn more about the schedule here.

 Log in to Brightspace to access your course.

How are my students enrolled in my Brightspace courses?

An automatic processes regularly synchronize your Brightspace class roster and instructor assignments with the official records in PeopleSoft throughout the semester.

Please do not manually add students to your Brightspace class.  Access to Brightspace gives students the impression that they are registered for a class, so adding a student who is not formally enrolled (in PeopleSoft and present on your MyUAlbany class roster) will create problems for them later in the semester (e.g., not receiving credit for the class).  Again, Brightspace class rosters are automatically synchronized with the official roster in PeopleSoft every hour.   

Please do not permit students to attend your class, take quizzes and exams, or submit assignments if they are not registered (present on your MyUAlbany class roster).

How do I make my Brightspace course ACTIVE for student access?

Brightspace courses are set to Inactive by default so students cannot access them until the instructor sets the course to Active.  The decision to make the Brightspace course Active to students rests entirely with the instructor.  So too does the responsibility for making the Brightspace course Active to students.

How can I get help using Brightspace?

Numerous resources are available to help instructors learn about Brightspace features and how to align them to teaching strategies.

What if a student is listed on my roster in MyUAlbany but not in Brightspace?

If a student is listed on your class roster, as reflected in MyUAlbany, but not in your Brightspace course, it could be a timing factor. 

If it has been longer than one hour since the student added the class, the student should email the ITS Service Desk at for resolution. 

If you have a student who is not listed on your class roster in MyUAlbany, please direct them to the Registrar’s Office for further guidance via  

When will my Blackboard courses be migrated to Brightspace?

Blackboard courses from Summer 2021 through Spring 2023 semesters have been copied into development courses in the Brightspace system and made available to faculty.  The process copied course content and most tools into the Brightspace course but WILL NOT include student rosters or student records, like assignment submissions, grades, and the like.

How can I copy course components between courses?

Learn about copying and importing course components.

How do I enroll a TA in my course?

Instructors are able to enroll users in their courses in the role of Facilitator.  This role has been set up with permissions intended to support teaching assistant activities

Can I enroll other types of users in my course, such as students?

Enrollment rosters for Registrar-scheduled courses are managed and updated through a regular automated data feed from PeopleSoft known as the SIS Integration process.  This process ensures that the enrollment of all Brightspace courses is synchronized with the corresponding Registrar-scheduled section as recorded in PeopleSoft.  Course Instructors are able to enroll users in limited role options. 

Someone who wishes to informally audit your class should first be referred to the Office of General Studies and Summer Sessions (SS-110, or 518-442-5140).  Please be aware that individuals who are ineligible for a UAlbany IT account will not have access to Brightspace, including informal auditors or external participants in COIL courses. Before granting approval for an informal auditor to participate in your course, please consider if this will impact their ability to successfully participate.

How can I combine my sections into a single Brightspace course?

Sections can be combined into  single Brightspace course offering in two different ways: 1) as cross-listed or shared-resources as maintained by the Registrar, or 2) by request of the instructor-of-record.  Learn more about combining sections, including FERPA requirements and auditing.

Can I change the title of my course in Brightspace?

Brightspace course names cannot be changed as they are named according to the official Course Catalog.  Brightspace courses for combined sections follow the naming convention outlined in the Brightspace administration procedures and cannot be customized due to requirements for data mapping between PeopleSoft and Brightspace.

How can I change the way my name appears in Brightspace?

Brightspace user account attributes are mapped from records in the student information system.  First name is mapped from the Preferred Name record and last name is mapped from the Legal Name record.  Changes can be made following the links below. 

Faculty/Staff Name Changes

Student Name Changes

Can I request a development course?

Instructors who need a space to build a course intended to be offered in the future can request a “development shell.”  Once the course content and structure has been built out in a development shell, it can be copied into a scheduled Brightspace course.  Course Development shells will be removed from the system one year after they are created.

What is happening with the Blackboard system and courses?

Blackboard is no longer in use.  Learn more about what's happening with the Blackboard system in the article, Retiring the Blackboard Service.

What is happening with my electronic reserves materials?

Electronic course reserves content is available for faculty to download from the Libraries for upload into their corresponding Brightspace courses. Course content for Fall 2010 through Spring 2023 is available for download.  For assistance with or questions about this process, reach out to for assistance.