Bulk Enroll Users in Brightspace Nonstandard Course


As the Leader of a nonstandard course in Brightspace, it's your responsibility to maintain the users enrolled in your course.  Rather than enroll individuals one at a time, follow the steps below to enroll users in bulk using a comma separated values (CSV) file.


Follow the steps below to prepare and upload a CSV enrollment file.

Prepare the Enrollment File

  1. Download the CSV template and open in Excel.

    • You can also use your preferred text editor.

  2. Enter the users' information following the exact format in the example.

    • In Excel, column A must be formatted as "Text" in order to allow leading zeroes in the Albany ID.

  3. Optional: Delete the first header row.

  4. Click File → Save As and save the file to your computer.

    • Make sure the file format is Comma Separated Values (.csv).

Upload the Enrollment File

  1. In Brightspace, navigate to your nonstandard course.

  2. In the menu bar, click Faculty → Course Admin → Classlist.

  3. In the Classlist, click Add Participants → Import users from a file on your computer.

  4. Click Choose File and select the CSV file you created above.

  5. Optional: Check the box to send an email to users confirming they've been enrolled in your course.

  6. Click Import.

  7. You'll be directed to a confirmation of enrollment:

Additional Information

If there are any problems with the CSV file you've created, an error message will be given.  To assist troubleshooting, each error message will direct you specifically to which line in the CSV file the error occurred: