AI Computing Cluster

Advanced Cluster through the AI Initiative

As a part of the AI initiative, New York State has invested $75 million to procure a new AI cluster to be installed and managed by the University at Albany. The first phase of the initiative, to be completed in Fall 2024, includes: 

  • 24 NVIDIA DGX A100 systems (each with 8 NVIDIA A100 GPUs)

  • 3 Lambda scalers (each with 8 NVIDIA L40s) 

  • Over 6 petabytes of NetApp storage

The University currently has a NVIDIA DGX cloud offering which includes 32 A100 GPUs and a 250TB of all-flash performance storage. 

These resources are expected to exceed our current on-premises offering and provide advanced resources while the AI cluster is being installed. All these resources will be available to new faculty to get their research programs up and running.