Listserv Reports


To run a Listserv list report, follow the steps below. 

As a Listserv list owner, you may want a report of details about your Listserv list usage over time. Such details may include:

  • Number of subscribers of the list each year

  • Busiest month of list traffic

  • Last post for the list

  • How many have unsubscribed last year

Your list must have the Change-Log feature enabled in order to allow the owner to run reports to obtain data and keep track of all activities on a LISTSERV list.


  1. On the left side menu, click List Activity Reports:

  1. Select the list you want to report on:

  2. Choose the Report Events, the Report Period, and the report type (History Report or Statistics Report), you want included in the report.  (The history report shows the full history for the selected time period. The statistics report returns summary information.)  Click Update to set those options.

  3. Choose the Report Format of Table to view the report on the screen, or CSV Format to download a CSV file (comma-separated values) format for easy import into a spreadsheet program.